Can Intellectual Property Be Your Biggest Asset?

Innovation and technology are becoming the very foundation of the economy. The stronger is the Intellectual Property asset of a company, the higher the chances of the business to thrive.

Almost every bank in the country, like columbia bank Colonia provides securitization over tangible assets. With the increase in intellectual property assets, banks have also started considering providing loans over intangible assets like IP.

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What are the different types of assets?

Based on nature, assets can be of two types:

  • Tangible: The assets that hold a finite monetary value. These assets can easily be transacted for money. This includes infrastructure, buildings, etc.
  • Intangible: The assets that are not physical in nature. An intangible asset can be anything ranging from a brand’s recognition to the goodwill of the company. It also includes various IP assets that the company might hold, like patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

Why should IP financing be promoted?

The market is flooded with start-ups. The primary asset of these start-ups is the intellectual property they hold. This is mostly found in the form of promising IP portfolios.

Developing a technology requires investment for R&D. Securitization over the IP assets of a company can provide them with the money that is required to produce and deliver a product that promises profitable returns.

Apart from this, if the IP holds great potential to create an impact on the market, the value of the asset can increase manifolds in the future, making it even more valuable than the tangible assets.


Technology is responsible for bridging numerous gaps in the demand and supply chain when it comes to providing new products. Securing these innovations and inventions is not just beneficial for the business but also for the public at large.

Having a potential intellectual property can be a true game-changer if provided with proper investment and security.