old bathroom removal charlotte

Designing Your Perfect Bathroom

The bathroom is the one room we all use but the last we ever talk about.  When it comes to our bathroom men and women typically will have their own private bathrooms which are designed and decorated differently.  Over time however, these bathrooms will be in need of an uplift which will call for old bathroom removal charlotte services.

Your style

We all have a different style.  When it comes to designing a new bathroom, we want to pick a specific style that will stand out and make our bathrooms look fresh and new.  If we are remodeling an old bathroom, there may be some features that we may like, however, if we are putting in the time and effort, why not start with a fresh new look and feel.


old bathroom removal charlotte

You want to have warm soft colors in your bathroom.  These colors should be make you feel welcome and invited.  Blue’s whites, beiges and other earth tones are popular in bathroom colors.  You will want to avoid colors such as mint green or pink.  These colors are dated and make your bathroom look old and dated, the last thing you want to have happen after a remodel.


You want to have a lot of natural light in your bathroom.  One of the biggest complaints that people have is that their bathroom is too dark or that the artificial lighting makes them look old and ugly.  When it comes to deciding on your lighting, take your time and look at all of your option.  You can work with natural lighting from a skylight to frosted windows. 


The accessories that are used in your bathroom are also going to be important.  When we add a faucet, sink, toilet and tub, the bathroom will start to take shape.  When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, these finishing touches will make your bathroom stand out among the crowd.